Breast Milk Care

Great tips for parents to handle breast milk the right way!

How to produce more breast milk

Breastfeeding is the natural process of feeding a newborn baby by the mother. Breastfeeding, when done right, can be beneficial to both the baby and the mother. During the first few months after birth, a baby can feed up to 8 times a day. To satisfy the baby’s high appetite for milk, the mother has to employ a number of techniques to produce the adequate amount of milk. In this article, I will outline a number of such techniques that will help the mother with this demanding task and hopefully make her journey the most pleasant.

Techniques and methods for breast milk production increase

The power of a good diet

Milk production is highly tied to the mother’s diet. Unfortunately, to date there is not enough medical research that provides clear guidelines on what diet enhances milk production. However, there are common practices that women have been using that had positive results on milk production. An adequate diet is one of these practices. So what are the foods that increase breast milk production?

Useful nursing techniques

Other than a good diet, mothers should be well aware of other ways to produce more breast milk: